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  Hudson Division Team               


KA2ANF and W2UDT served the ARRL Hudson Division as the ARRL Hudson Division Team though the end of December 2012, working together to represent and support all of the interests the amateur radio operators both inside and outside of the Division.

 Joyce and Bill, together, have over 50 years of Amateur Radio experience. While Bill has served as NNJ Section Manager and is active in Raritan Valley ARC and North Jersey DX Assn., Joyce has served many years as an Assistant Director and Vice Director as well maintaining active status in 10-70 Repeater Association, East Coast DX Assn, BARA, North Jersey DX Assn and Bergen FM Assn. 

Through their interactions in and with numerous ARRL affiliated clubs, both Joyce and Bill always worked together as a Team, especially in the past few years. Together, Joyce and Bill presented a strong and fully united front on the ARRL Board as well as when working on various ARRL Committees with each other. They earned the trust and respect of both the ARRL HQ Staff and all of the ARRL Board Members alike.

It's not often the case to have such a united and strong team in place able to represent an entire ARRL Division. Joyce and Bill, together, pledged to all those they represented, that they would do nothing less than work diligently for all the hams in the ARRL Hudson Division for the full extent of their elected terms of office.


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