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Q. What part of representing the Hudson Division did you find most rewarding?

A. Being able to effectively change things for the good of all Amateur Radio Operators, sometimes at the Board Level, but also at a local level. It gave me great pleasure know that I was able to serve amateur radio as a whole and to do things for people in hopes that it made their life better.

Q. Do you think Amateur Radio is in trouble today, or down the road?

A. It's no secret that our relationship with the FCC is not what it once was, many years ago. Our society has changed greatly in the past 30 or 40 years. New technology has brought us a great many things and improved our lives. But, with the new technology, comes a great many problems, as well. 

I work in an industry where I see these changes and these problems everyday. This gives me a clear advantage that perhaps some of my colleagues in Amateur Radio don't have. I often read about our frequencies being sought after by many companies and organizations. There are bound to be more challenges ahead for Amateur Radio and while I wouldn't actually say we are in 'trouble', there will always be concern for frequencies and other items.

Q. What about EmComm?

A. As an ARRL Board member, I always supported and encouraged all hams to get actively involved with EmComm. In my personal life, I plan to continue with that same commitment of support and encouragement.

 EmComm is so important that the FCC includes reference to emergency communications at the very start of Part 97 (Part 97.1a: Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

No matter how you take part, be it with ARES, RACES, Red Cross, Salvation Army or any of the many other organized amateur radio communications teams that are there to support the public in times of need, you and your fellow hams can make a difference when you participate. EmComm is something that needs good and dedicated local leadership. While on the Board, I worked to make sure that the ARRL was there to support all of the local teams whenever support was needed with training, supplies and even equipment.

Q. What are your thoughts on the recent FCC Study on the Uses and Capabilities of Amateur Radio Service Communications in Emergencies and Disaster Relief? DA 12-1342 (PDF)

A. While there are some positive things in the report regarding the value of Amateur Radio for emergency communications, it is void of any analysis. It's merely a collection of comments and summaries. I feel that the FCC should have delivered more to Congress, in reply to their request, than what they did in this Report.

Q. How was your recent re-election campaign financed?

A. Unlike others, my campaign was financed by no one other than myself. No, I don't have unlimited funds, its my personal belief that elected officials should not be seeking private contributions, that could give the impression of improprieties or influences on their offices. As I did with the Hudson Division Budget, I looked at every cost and expense with an eye to getting the best possible return on dollars invested.

As you all know, the Hudson Division has a very high cost for travel (Fuel, Tolls, etc). For any speaking engagements I did, where I was solely requested to speak about my re-election campaign, those were undertaken at my personal expense. Other than some printing and distribution costs for re-election hand-outs, I did not have any other campaign cost incursions.

I also want to make it very clear that the ARRL did not in this past election, nor have they ever, provided any funding for my or any of their incumbent elected officials' re-election campaigns.

We all work hard enough to make a living and some struggle day to day just to make ends meet. While I am appreciative of those who helped me in any way, I did not, do not, nor will I, ever solicit campaign funding. 

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