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An ARRL Director travels throughout their Section, many times making several trips each week where they not only speak but more importantly listen to ARRL members and other amateur radio operators. They also have the pleasure to present recognition to many of their area's amateur radio operators, as well as to meet and talk with public officials, both elected and volunteer on amateur radio matters. 

In each and every case they strive to always keep amateur radio presented and demonstrated in the most positive light every time

Below are a few of the many places and events that KA2ANF traveled to and some of the great people she met along the way

Joyce, KA2ANF is seen here appearing on a recent TWiT.TV Podcast, as she was being interviewed by Leo LaPorte, W6TWT, on ARRL matters (live screen shot image from netcast) Joyce, KA2ANF with Astronaut Lee Morin, KF5DDB during PACIFICON 2012 Convention

KA2ANF surrounded by many members of the Albany Amateur Radio Association at their September 2012 Meeting in Delmar NY. The Club is proudly celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary in 2012

Joyce, with the Board of Directors of the Orange County Amateur Radio Club, after her presentation on current ARRL and Hudson Division matters at their September 2012 meeting in Cornwall NY
KA2ANF was on hand to answer questions from the attendees as well as to gave updates and news on ARRL and Hudson Division items at the Crystal Radio Club's June 2012 meeting in Pomona NY KA2ANF and members of several local chapters of the Quarter Century Wireless Association for an informal discussion of ARRL and amateur radio matters at their June 2012 luncheon meeting in Yonkers NY
KA2ANF was operating as  Net Control for WX2BC (BergenSkywarn) while scanning the data images and text from several computers during a Severe Storm in September of 2011. KA2ANF presented Zach Feinberg, KC2RSS with an ARRL Book at the Fair Lawn Emergency  Amateur Radio Club in recognition of his work to plan and achieve a successful ARISS contact from Fair Lawn High School with the International Space Station in 2011

Steve, W2ML (SK) and Joyce, KA2ANF -  together at the BARA Hamfest in 2011 

KA2ANF at the 2012 LIMARC Indoor Hamfest where she spoke with many attendees, including Mike, KA2FBL and Carol, K3CWR of Yonkers Amateur Radio & Computer Kidz Club
KA2ANF & W2UDT were able to test and verify the expanded coverage of the radios,  new antennas and tower now at the National Weather Service New York NY during their Open House in August  2011 Open dialog underway with Rick, K2RB, Tom, KA2D and Joyce, KA2ANF at the LIMARC Outdoor Hamfest
KA2ANF is seen presenting an award for best club attendance at the 2012 Schenectady Museum ARA All Clubs Picnic to the Troy Amateur Radio Associations' representative Randy Stein, KL7TJZ on August 4th Joyce, KA2ANF keeping up with her operating skills by being on the air working 20 meters from her home station
Amanda, KB1VUV from ARRL VEC and Joyce, KA2ANF working together at the VEC Booth at the ARRL's National Convention June 2011 in Plano, Texas  KA2ANF, Vice Director Hudzik and all three of the Award Recipients at the 2011 Hudson Division Awards Luncheon in November of 2011
KA2ANF along with Vice Director Hudzik presented Steve Mendlesohn W2ML(SK) with at Special Recognition Award for his long service to amateur radio during the 2011 ARRL Hudson Division Luncheon

KA2ANF on hand at the Schenectady ARA club meeting during the presentation of the annual Broughton Award

KA2ANF and Julian, WA2WMJ from the QSY Society catching up on recent news and things during the 2012 Orange County ARC's Hamfest

Whenever KA2ANF visits ARRL HQ she tries to carve out some time to operate from W1AW, even if just for a few minutes. Here she is seen working the airwaves from Studio 2 at W1AW.

KA2ANF accompanied by Vice Director Hudzik and former Hudson Division Director Frank Fallon N2FF presented Malcolm Pritchard, NM9J with the 2010 Hudson Division Newsletter of the Year Award at the 2012 Orange County NY Hamfest KA2ANF and Vice Director Hudzik at the Ocean Monmouth ARC Hamfest as they were on a  full tour of the Club's Meeting Room and it's  fully equipped Radio Operating Room
KA2ANF and Vice Director Hudzik seen with the the Board of Directors of the Troy Amateur Radio Club's during a 2012 dinner meeting KA2ANF visiting the Red Cross amateur radio net control station during the 2011 operations following flooding in Northern NJ. She was given a full tour of the Chapter House by Fred WW2VEH as well as the Net Control setup, seen here under operation by Tony K2AMI

KA2ANF took time to meet and go over things with some of the LIMARC and NLI appointed officials while at a LIMARC Indoor Hamfest

The Weather Channel's Tornado Hunt Remote Studio truck stopped by to visit Joyce, KA2ANF on its return from the road

Director Birmingham and Vice Director Hudzik with Mayor Spano at the Yonkers PAL Luncheon that they attended as guests of the Yonkers Amateur Radio & Computer Kidz Club

KA2ANF and Sid, K2LJH catching up on things while both were at the East Greenbush NY Hamfest

KA2ANF spoke on ARRL and Hudson Division matters at a Peconic ARC club meeting in May of 2012 and also spent time with members of their Board going over the many ways ARRL can help clubs grow KA2ANF along with the Board of Directors of the Split Rock Amateur Radio Club during one of their meetings where she was invited to speak about how the ARRL works and operates

KA2ANF at the Mt Beacon ARC's Hamfest talking with Andy Schmidt, W2BOS Mt Beacon ARC's Secretary and Assistant Section Manager of the Hudson Division's ENY Section KA2ANF along with Vice Director Hudik were at the LIMARC Outdoor Hamfest and caught up on ARRL matters with Hudson Division Assistant Director Nancy Rosner, N2TKA

KA2ANF helps to raise the ARRL Flag over the Peconic ARC's 2012 Field Day site at Horton Point Lighthouse on the North Fork of Long Island

KA2ANF was on hand to personally present the ARRL Board of Directors Award to Ken Grimbal of News 12 Long Island for his work on a special broadcast of amateur radio activity during Hurricane Irene

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