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Joyce, KA2ANF positively served the ARRL Hudson Division and amateur radio in general, as an ARRL Board Liaison on many ARRL committees, both at the Board level and within other areas of the ARRL from January of 2004 through December 2012.

During her years of service, she has specifically worked on the following ARRL committees, subcommittees and projects: (note: appointment to committees is done by the ARRL President, in consultation with the Committee Chair, and is not associated with a Director's or Vice Director's seat on the Board. It is by that person's merits, understandings and knowledge of the work at hand that a committee appointment comes about).

As a member of the ARRL Education Sub-committee Joyce worked on a program with ARRL Staff to recognize the instructors who are signed up to participate in the ARRL Education Program.

Throughout 2012 Joyce directly worked with several members of the ARRL Staff in the Education department, to develop a new course for ARRL instructors.

In the area of Scouting, Joyce's  worked closely with a team of Girl Scout Leaders and Amateur Radio Operators across the country and along with the ARRL Education team, is developing a new Girl Scout Wireless Technology patch program.

Joyce also worked with a subcommittee of the ARRL's VHF UHF Advisory Committee ways to encourage activity on these upper bands and on ways to foster build more discussions on all matters of interest in VHF/UHF operations

As an active member of the ARRL Board's Program Services Committee (PSC) Joyce, worked with the EmComm Advisory Committee to discuss future training standards for all Field Organization Personnel.

Joyce served on the Historical Committee, working directly with the ARRL Staff Archivist on selecting items to be used in preparation for the ARRL's Centennial Programs in 2014.

Joyce, as a member of the Program Services Committee (PSC) worked on the ARRLs Affiliated Club program and along with ARRL Staff was instrumental in developing items for a future program that the ARRL could offer to increase the number of Affiliated Clubs and researching increased incentives for these Affiliated Clubs to also become Special Service Clubs. 

Joyce, along with all on the ARRL Board of Directors, was deeply committed and involved with all the many issues relating to CC&Rs. This included Joyce's close work with ARRL's Legal Counsel on several local (Hudson Division) instances relating to tower installations.

Joyce has for many years worked with the other Board Members on ways to increase membership, so that the ARRL will be able to have the resources needed to protect amateur radio for everyone's future.

Joyce has a unique ability to monitor, from within the commercial telecommunications industry wherein she is employed, for any interests from those in the Commercial radio industries who might look at amateur radio spectrum for their own pecuniary interests. She continually communicates with all on the ARRL Board and the appropriate HQ Staff this information when any of those industries express any level of interest in our amateur Radio frequencies. Continuing to have Joyce, KA2ANF in place for this type of input, directly on the Board, is a vital part of protecting what we have within our amateur radio spectrum.  

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