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  Joyce Birmingham - KA2ANF               


KA2ANF Served Amateur Radio As
The ARRL's Hudson Division Director
From 2011 to 2012
(And As The ARRL's Hudson Division Vice Director From 2004 to 2011)

    Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF

"Thank you for your support during my time as the
  ARRL's Hudson Division Director and Vice Director"

My record of strong and consist representation, along with my  high ethics and sense of integrity when dealing with people, be they our local amateur radio operators, our public officials, as well as the ARRL elected, appointed and staff members were the keys to keeping all of you in our ARRL Hudson Division completely represented within not just the ARRL, but in the entire worldwide amateur radio community. Amateur Radio was, is and will be my passion! 

I pledged to you all  that I would work to make the results of all items before the Board be nothing less than the best possible for all in our ARRL Hudson Division and did so throughout the extent of my elected terms, as both a Vice Director and Director, which ended on December 31 2012.

KA2ANF's Recorded Messages:

CLICK HERE To Listen To KA2ANF's Thoughts On The Future Of Amateur Radio (MP3 format)

KA2ANF's Mission When An ARRL Director and Vice Director:

My mission as an elected ARRL Director and Vice Director was to always faithfully represent the concerns, interests and needs of each and every person, club and amateur radio organization in the Hudson Division to the ARRL Board of Directors and ARRL Staff.

As well as to constantly maintain and improve on the 2-way communications between ARRL Members and ARRL elected, appointed and employed officials so that everyone had a free and open voice that would be heard at the most local and individual level as well as on the Board and at ARRL HQ. 

KA2ANF Lead A Mission To Serve Amateur Radio By..:

Her Day to Day Activities:
Mother of Krista (KB2MER) and Holly (KB2ZMM) and Grandmother to Damien (already learning his CW)
Professionally employed for many years in the continuing to evolve Telecommunications Industry
Starting in1975 with Western Union and now at a locally based, national coverage company that handles all aspects of design, construction and installation of Wireless Broadband, Cellular and 2-Way Land Mobile Radio towers and systems
ARRL Offices Held:
Representing you as the ARRL Hudson Division Director from 2011 to 2012  
Representing you as the ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director from 2004 to 2011
Representing you as an Assistant Director Hudson Division from 1999 to 2004
Recently initiated projects that benefit everyone in the ARRL Hudson Division:
Upgraded the ARRL Hudson Division Beacon Newsletter to a new format with wider coverage of Division events
Initiated Division-wide Online Surveys to gauge a wide range of concerns with results published in the Beacon
Hosted the first ever ARRL Hudson Division Cabinet and Club President's Meeting in an online Webinar Format
Saving many of the attendees the long and costly travel that is inherent with being in the Hudson Division
Actively using Twitter to send out updates on breaking news items of interest to hams across all of  the Hudson Division
With On the Air Activities:
Actively operating on the amateur radio bands using CW, SSB and Digital modes (since 1979 starting as a Novice)
Achieving ARRL DXCC Honor Roll (330+ entities confirmed since 2000)
Actively operating on-the-air as an Amateur Radio Contester and DXer
Being a licensed amateur radio operator for over 30 years (since 1979)
As a Member of the ARRL Board Of Directors:
Serving on numerous ARRL Board Committees
Speaking at an EmComm Forum at the Dayton Hamvention (2002)
Being a featured Speaker at the ARRL's New England Convention in Boxboro MA (2012)
Making herself available as an ARRL Instructor for Education including EmComm Education
An ARRL Board proponent of using new technologies, such as Webinars & Online Meetings for many ARRL Board functions
Resulting in significant amounts of member dollars saved while not incurring attendee travel & lodging expenses 
Milestones in her personal and amateur radio growth:
Completing the ARRL EmComm Courses EC-001, EC-002 and EC-003
Becoming an ARRL Volunteer Examiner (since 1990 with over 175 ARRL VE Sessions worked)
Supporting the ARRL Volunteer Examiner Program as a local Liaison (since 2000)
Upgrading to become an Amateur Extra Class operator in 1993
Promoting activity on the 10 Meter band and actively supporting the 10-10 INTL NET since1987
Attending training to become a NWS SKYWARN (Advanced) Spotter (since 2001)
Appointed by the NWS as a county level Deputy SKYWARN Coordinator
Net Control operator for a Weekly NWS SKYWARN Training Net on a local Repeater
Net Control operator during many active SKYWARN Nets (since 2004)
Personally reporting occurring Severe Weather to the NWS at several of their Forecast Offices
Promoting Amateur Radio for The Young Ladies Radio League (since 1987)
Worked with local Girl Scout Groups to foster communications in Amateur Radio
Currently serving as YLRL's District 2 Chairperson (since 2010)
Being a user of the ARRL Logbook of The Work (LoTW)
Mentoring "new Hams" by supporting their on-the-air operating/training at her home station
Serving as an active Board Member for several local amateur radio Club's (30+ years)
Being an active Member of the NJDXA (W2 Bureau) and a former Primary Sorter (since 2001)
Volunteering for Communications Support at Public Service Events (Bike Tours, NY State Games, Races, etc)
Taking and completing CERT Training as a member of the Bergen County NJ CERT Team
Recipient of Numerous Amateur Radio Recognitions and Awards Such As:
DXCC Mixed and 10 Meters (ARRL)
WAZ 10 Meters (CQ)
IOTA 100 contacts (RSGB)
Canadaward (CARF)
ARRL's Diamond Jubilee Award (ARRL)
CQ Gang Award (CQ)
10-10 International Countries Award (10-10)
10-10 Worked All States Award (10-10)
10-10 Worked All Continents Award (10-10)
10-10 International 500 of the World Award (10-10)
10-10 International VP Award (10-10)
ARRL Friendship Award (ARRL)
ARRL Old Timers Club Award (ARRL)
WorldRadio 100 Nations Award (Worldradio)
Asian DX Award (ADXA) 
Worked All African Continents Award (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani)
First Place Recipient for the YL-OM Award, 1987, 1988 and 1989) (YLRL)

KA2ANF's Contact Information:

Electronic mail:  KA2ANF@arrl.net
Twitter: @KA2ANF
Website: www.ka2anf.com

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